How well does Rhinix work?

Really well! Especially if you can initiate use of Rhinix before your symptoms begin. In a study, more than half of Rhinix users experienced complete relief of sneezing and watery eyes. Almost complete relief of runny noses and it also reduced drowsiness markedly. The effects with Rhinix were greater than what has been shown in similar studies for a number of different medications including antihistamines and intranasal steroids.

Isn’t it visible to others?

Rhinix’ breakthrough design minimizes its visibility when in use. Most people will not see you wearing Rhinix and most users are just happy to be less bothered by their allergy.

Isn’t it uncomfortable to wear?

Most users do not find Rhinix uncomfortable. Rhinix’ breakthrough design lets it adapt to the shape of your nostrils. Just like a contact lens or a watch, you’ll most likely feel it less and less as you get used to wearing it.

Will I be able to breathe through my nose with Rhinix inserted?

YES. We have shown in two separate well-designed studies that Rhinix does not make it harder to breathe through your nose.

Does Rhinix contain drugs?

No. Rhinix is 100% drug free. And actually, Rhinix has been shown to reduce drowsiness. As you may know, drowsiness is a typical side effect to some of the mostly used antihistamines.

Can I reuse a Rhinix nasal filter?

The filters are intended for one day use. You can take them out and reinsert them as many times as you like within the same 24 hours.

What happens if I breathe through my mouth?

You should just breathe naturally like you normally would. It is not necessary for you to breathe exclusively through your nose to experience an effect on your allergy symptoms.

What about all the pollens that enter through my mouth and eyes?

Rhinix has been shown to reduce watery eyes and itchy throats as well. Especially, when you start use of Rhinix before your symptoms have begun. This is probably because the cells in the nose are the primary culprits in the allergic response to allergens.

What type of allergies will Rhinix help control?

Rhinix prevents inhalation of the allergens that cause your allergies. Rhinix will stop pollens and other particles that are similar in size to pollens.

Will Rhinix get blocked as I use it?

The short answer is: This is highly unlikely to occur. Rhinix exceptional membrane technology minimizes the risk of blocking the filter.

Does it help on my eye symptoms?

Yes. We’ve just released data from a new study that shows that Rhinix nasal filters have a substantial preventive effect on ocular symptoms, especially on watery eyes.

How often should I use Rhinix?

You can either use Rhinix daily or as extra protection when you know you’ll need it (Ie, before walking into a park, mowing your lawn or for other activities that you know aren’t good for your allergies).

How do I get best effect of Rhinix?

You should initiate use before symptom onset. For example, by placing them in your nostrils before you walk outdoors in the morning. As Rhinix prevents inhalation of pollens, it will only help with the pollens that haven’t yet entered your body.

The effect will be delayed if your symptoms have begun before you insert the filter.

Does this mean that I have to use Rhinix even before the season has begun?

No. Or not necessarily. On any given day during the season, if you insert Rhinix before your symptoms start, you’ll experience a preventive effect. It may be that the effect will be even greater if you can keep the pollens completely at bay by starting use just as the season begins or if you use Rhinix for longer periods.

When will Rhinix be available in the US?

The US Food and Drug Administration authorities have cleared Rhinix for marketing in the US. Rhinix is the first nasal filter that is allowed to be marketed for the prevention and alleviation of indoor and outdoor allergies.

Rhinix is available via www.rhinix.com and it will ship from Denmark.

What were the findings of the clinical studies?

Summarized, they were:

If used before symptom onset, some participants experienced complete symptom relief.

Users quickly stopped noticing that they were wearing a Rhinix filter.

Rhinix had a substantial preventive effect on a number of important and bothersome allergy symptoms including sneezing, itchy nose, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat and drowsiness.