About us

About Rhinix.

We’re Rhinix. A company dedicated to the global adoption of a simple and effective non-drug product to empower people to overcome and prevent the debilitating effects of allergies. Rhinix was founded in August 2011 in Aarhus, Denmark. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Rhinix. Feel free to contact us to share your thoughts.

About our founder.

Rhinix was started by Peter Sinkjaer Kenney, MD, PhD, in 2011. His father-in-law suffered from severe allergies that weren't adequately controlled with available drug options. And frankly, he didn't like the thought of symptom control with drugs.

Peter, at the time a second year medical student at Aarhus University, recognised a need for a wearable non-drug option for people with allergies and set out to invent the Rhinix nasal filter.

While building Rhinix, Peter has been awarded two bachelor degrees, one in medicine and one in business administration, both from Aarhus University in Denmark. He's completed an MD-PhD programme at Aarhus University.
Aside from his work with Rhinix, Peter is currently a resident in the plastic and reconstructive surgery program at Aarhus University Hospital.