Say NO to hay fever with Nasal Filters.

If you are tired of sneezing, an itchy and runny nose every single summer, RHINIX will save your day. The nasal filters are designed to allow free breathing while keeping your nose free of pollen. It’s that simple. All you have to do is buy it, insert it – and wave goodbye to your old hay fever symptoms.


Basically it is quite simple.

RHINIX is a small filter that you can place in your nostrils so you can avoid the pollens that cause your allergies. It adapts to your nostrils so you’ll stop noticing it (as you would wearing a contact lens) and it’s almost non-visible when used. You can wear it indoors or outdoors while you are active or relaxed. It’s that simple.


Patented and clinically proven.

We make simple easy-to-use products that we believe in. But believing isn’t enough. We are dedicated to scientifically validating the products that we bring to market.

Results from our first randomized clinical trial was recently reported in the world’s #1 cited allergy journal The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. In the study RHINIX reduced sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose and throat compared to a placebo filter.

Importantly patients in the trial reported that they quickly stopped noticing that they were wearing RHINIX.

We are dedicated to increasing the level of proof regarding the use of RHINIX for allergic rhinitis.

In 2014 we have two clinical trials planned. One involving 1500 patients and one involving 100 patients.


Guaranteed effect. Almost.

We want you to have the best experience with RHINIX. To maximise its effect we recommend that you begin wearing it before onset of your allergy symptoms.

For optimal performance it is important that you choose the correct size. If the nasal filter is too large it might come into contact with your mucosal membrane. If that happens we recommend switching to a smaller size, lowering its position (see the ‘How to use RHINIX’ section) or that you discontinue use.

If you have a nasal septal deviation it might not be possible to place RHINIX optimally and this might lower its effect.

During exercise of moderate intensity you may experience that your nasal breathing becomes laboured. This is normal and will usually occur even when you are not wearing RHINIX. If you feel that it is too uncomfortable with RHINIX inserted remove the nasal filter while exercising.

We recommend not using RHINIX if you have sores, sunburnt or irritated skin around your nostrils.

If you experience hypersensitivity to RHINIX nasal filters e.g. irritation of skin, we recommend that you discontinue use.


Frequently asked…

Isn’t it visible to others?

- RHINIX has been designed to minimize its visibility when in use. We believe that most will agree that the advantages of fewer allergy symptoms outweigh the minimal visibility of RHINIX.

Isn’t it uncomfortable to wear?

- Most likely not. RHINIX has been designed so that it adapts to the shape of your nostrils. Like a contact lens you’ll probably feel it less and less as you get used to wearing it.

Will I be able to breathe through my nose with RHINIX inserted?

- Our short answer is YES. In the study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI) there was no difference in breathing with or without the RHINIX nasal filter.

What happens if I breathe through my mouth?

- You should just breathe naturally like you normally would. Patients in the study in the JACI breathed both through their mouths and noses. They still experienced reductions in nose and throat symptoms.

What about all the pollens that enter through my mouth and eyes?

- RHINIX does not protect your eyes or mouth, nevertheless we’ve proven that RHINIX helps reduce both your nose and throat symptoms.

What type of allergies will RHINIX help control?

- RHINIX prevents inhalation of the allergens that cause your allergies. RHINIX will stop most pollens and also other particles that are similar in size to pollens.

Will RHINIX get blocked as I use it?

- The short answer is: This is highly unlikely to occur. RHINIX uses a membrane technology that works in a way that minimizes the risk of blocking the filter.

Does it help on my eye symptoms?

- Our first study in the JACI did not show any effect on eye symptoms. We’ll continue to investigate any potential benefit in our upcoming clinical trials.

How often should I use RHINIX?

- The RHINIX nasal filter will be most effective if you start using it before you experience symptoms. If you start using it after your symptoms have begun, the effect might be delayed.

When will RHINIX be available in the US?

- We are still waiting for clearance by the FDA to market the device in the US. We’ll keep you updated if you sign up for our newsletter.



Designed to be comfortable.

RHINIX has been designed for people. In our design we’ve aspired to fulfill 4 essential parameters to give you the best possible experience when using a RHINIX nasal filter. Basically, we wanted RHINIX to be effective against hay fever, to be breathable, invisible and comfortable.

We’ve proven that RHINIX works against hay fever.

We’ve proven that it is extremely breathable.

We’ve shown that most people quickly forget that they are wearing RHINIX.

As for its visibility and how you feel when wearing it, this is very individual, so it would be best for you to see it and try it for yourself.



How to use RHINIX. Step by step.

Recommendation: The RHINIX nasal filter will be most effective if you start using it before you experience symptoms. If you start using it after your symptoms have begun, the effect might be delayed.

Before insertion, blow your nose and make sure that it is dry. Insert the device as illustrated. Make sure that the pointy end of the nasal filter is directed towards the front of your nose (see illustration above). Use a mirror until you are comfortable with the process of inserting the nasal filter. Use a mirror to check that the device is positioned correctly (see illustration). The height of the nasal filter can be adjusted using the crossbar. When inserted correctly, you should be able to touch the side of your nostrils without experiencing discomfort. You may need to use both hands to insert the device until you are comfortable with the method.

The nasal filter does not necessarily have to be completely tight against the edges of your nose to be effective. The nasal filter will gradually adapt its shape to the proportions of your nasal cavity whereby you should feel it less and less.

When you want to remove the nasal filter, pull the nasal filter’s crossbar outwards in the opposite direction to the illustrations shown for insertion.



Filter size selection.

Use the size guide above to choose your filter size. If the nasal filter is too big, it may be uncomfortable and we suggest that you try a smaller size. Use the right size for optimum results.


From 15 years and up.

RHINIX nasal filters are designed for people all over the world, across races and living conditions.

Our current size range is designed for adults and teenagers, but might fit even younger people. If your daughter or son would like to use RHINIX nasal filters, please check the size of their nostrils before ordering. If their nostrils measure less than 8 millimeters in length, our filters will be too big. You are always welcome to contact us with suggestions for new sizes.



Available in one size only. Your size.

All noses are unique, just like yours. Nevertheless, we have made the filters in one highly adaptable shape and in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. If you are unsure of your size, go to our shop and see the guide on how to choose before buying.

Feel free to breathe.

Millions of people from around the world are troubled by hay fever and are limited in what they can do when pollens surge. Very often the only answer to this is medicine. That is why we invented RHINIX. A clinically proven solution for most people with hay fever symptoms. Want to know more about the product or the people behind it?



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